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    Nagoya Tours    Ekichika Inc. 
  • Date of incorporation
    Feburary 2019
  • Despriction of Business  
    Guided Walking Tour for inbound tourists
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Meet Our Guides

Our guides are all Nagoya Locals.
Please enjoy private, flexible, friendly tour with us!


Hello! I am Moka, the founder of Nagoya tours and Nagoya local guide. I have been guiding over 300guests & 25countries for these 5years!
Let's make once in a life time experience with us in Nagoya!

Born& Raised: Nagoya, Aichi
Live: Near Nagoya
Family: Husband & 2kids (6&3)
Likes: Travel overseas (Over 30countries)
           Eat delicious food
Nagoya Tours CEO
Local Guide


Hello! I'm Sallie, Nagoya local guide.
I used to work as a travel manager. Let's make fabulous memories together!

Born & Raised: Gifu (Next to Nagoya Aichi)
Live: Near Nagoya
Pets: 4cats
Likes: Cats, Sea Otters
Local Guide


Hello! My name is Kumi. I’m a Nagoya local tour guide. I try to show you the unique and memorable places.
And I’ll adapt the tour to your specific needs and to anything you may be interested in.
Let's explore and discover our culture,history and food together.
I hope to see you soon!

Born& Raised: Nagoya, Aichi
Live: Mie next to Aichi (Mie is famous for Ninja and F1 race)
Likes: Travel, Dancing and yoga 
Local Guide


Hi, I’m Tomo, and I'm thrilled to share Nagoya with you. Having traveled to many countries, I've experienced the kindness of people everywhere I've been. 
I'm eager to extend that same kindness and ensure we have a wonderful time together. Exploring Nagoya with you feels like embarking on a journey together.
Meeting you is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I want to cherish every moment we spend together.
Born & Raised: Nagoya and Nagakute
Live: Near Nagoya
Family: 3sons & husband 
Likes: traveling, yoga, skiing, snowboarding
Local Guide


“Hi, I’m Chaó, a nationally licensed tour guide. If you’ve already explored Tokyo, Kyoto, and other popular tourist spots in Japan, and are looking for a destination with fewer crowds and a unique charm, Nagoya should be next on your list. Let’s explore the hidden gems in this historical and unique city!”
Live: Nagoya
Likes: Cooking, traveling, reading, and eating!
Licenced Guide


Hi, I’m Yuko. I'd like to welcome you all to Nagoya!
I hope I can offer you wonderful and exciting experiences and show you places that only the local people know about. Let’s have a great time together in Nagoya!
Born & Raised: Aichi
 Live: Near Nagoya 
Family: Husband
Likes: traveling, shrines & temples, hot springs, hiking, bird watching
Local Guide


サンプル 太郎